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Friday, April 27th 2012

1:48 AM

Child lolita nude models


Related article: Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 20:49:10 +0800 From: Paul Relhub Subject: College, New FriendsDarren squirmed in his seat as his growing cock filled his tight jeans as he sat next to Nick in the balcony of the church. Nick seemed to be putting on a show as his bare shoulders rippled as he shifted in his seat. Darren couldn't believe his luck, after being forced to attend the evening service where he was expecting to be bored, Darren was actually enjoying the show, not the one from the pulpit, but the one in the seat beside him where Nick's tight clothes were like a second skin on him. Nick like him was in the first year of university but still lived at home and also was in the service against his will. Both had grown up together, but weren't close as they ran with different crowds, Nick with the jocks and Darren with the music crowd.Nick though his night was ruined when his dad ordered him to church. To make his point that he didn't lolita angels naked nude want to go he decided to wear his tightest outfit. He knew his clothes were about a half a size too small and hid nothing but they bugged his dad and so he wore them. He was surprised to see Darren in the balcony when he bounded upstairs; he'd hoped to be alone so he could stretch out and drive Steve in the choir nuts by exposing his sizable bulge. He'd fucked Steve a few times and knew that Steve would drop to his knees on command for another fuck at a moment's notice. Last time they had met at Steve's place his parents were gone for the weekend and so Nick had pounded Steve's ass with his 9" cock until Steve had cum oozing from his stretched hole. Even so Steve had woken Nick the nest morning by sliding his recovered ass over Nick's cock and had fucked his morning wood until it was shooting out another load of cum. As Nick was recalling that weekend his cock swelled and slide down his left leg creating a very obvious bulge. He slid his hand down and caressed his cock catching both Darren and Steve's attention and anybody else who was looking.Darren watched as Nick caressed his bulge and then noticed Steve's reaction. Could it be that Steve and Nick were gay like him? The look in Steve's eyes was obviously lust; and Nick's action was meant to attract Steve's attention. Darren decided to get into the game and loosened his cock and let it slide down his leg. One thing common in Darren's family was oversized cocks and Darren was not exception. While lolita and preteen models Nick might have 9" Darren came in at 11.5" and as it was sliding down his leg it attracted Nick's attention real quick. It was too much to resist and not knowing what reaction he might get Nick used his free hand to brush against Darren's crotch as they stood to sing the doxology. The reaction was instant, Darren pushed into Nick's touch and his cock began to throb. Nick squeezed down and growled "let's get out of here." Slipping out the back way through the basement Nick grabbed Darren and pushed him into the nearest room and began to grope for the huge bulge. The 11.5 inches were aching to be released and pulsated as Nick ran his hand along the full length. Nick couldn't wait and yanked open Darren's jeans and pulled down as Darren's cock sprang out. Nick dropped to his knees and slipped his mouth over the flaring head and engorged shaft, stretching his mouth to capacity. Now Darren had given head before but this was going to be a test, a pleasurable one but a test nonetheless. Darren moaned as his cock slipped across Nick's tongue and 13 16 lolita nude smoothly into the throat. Nick had obviously deep throated before as there was no choking, but just a easy passage all the way down. Nick pulled back and flicked 3 d incest lolita out his tongue across Darren's dripping slit grabbing all the pre-cum that was oozing out. He loved pre-cum and Darren was an ample provider with a constant flow feeding Nick's hungry tongue."Man, where were you during high school?" Darren blurted out as Nick dove back down along the shaft.Nick response was mumbled but his actions were clear. He slid his hands under Darren's shirt and was surprised to find an eight pack. As he continued his discovery he came to Darren's taut pecs and finally to his nipples which he squeezed between his thumb and index finger. This was beginning to drive Darren over the edge and his cock throbbed and erupted with copious amount of cum right onto Nick's tongue. Their passion slightly sated, they both decided that continuing in the Sunday school room might not be a good idea. "Where can we go to continue this?" squeaked Darren as Nick flicked his tongue across Darren's very sensitive head. Nick thought momentarily and knew the perfect place, the school gym's equipment room. He'd been given the keys over the summer and still had them as he worked with the coach. Darren slid his pant back over his shrinking cock and reached over and drew Nick into a deep kiss that proved the undoing of his shrinkage. Finally, as together as two horny teens can get, Darren and Nick slid out of the back door and got into Darren's truck and headed over to the school gym. As they drove, Nick looked over at Darren and took in the perfect body and chiseled face and wondered how he had missed him in high school when he has screwed half the football team. None of them held a candle to Darren in cock size or looks. Oh well, better late than never, he thought and reached his hand over and caressed Nick's flat stomach and roamed his hands over his chest, Darren caught his hand and lowered it to his crotch, which Nick eagerly squeezed wondering how he was going to get all that up his ass. Nick was usually a top but for this cock he would bend over and eagerly feel it fill his chute and know that he was going to be stuffed to the gills with a real cock. Darren slowed down and parked in the neighborhood near the school, not wanting to attract attention to his truck at the school. They both got out and walked rather awkwardly to the gym door and went in. Once they has secured themselves in the equipment room the clothes flew off and they drew in the beauty of each other's bodies. Both were just over six feet tall and both showed off their gym toned bodies. Nick was more bulked but Darren has a pure flow of muscle all over his body. This time it was Darren's turn to take control. He reached over and slid his hand over Nick's nine inches and used his other hand to cup his balls. Nick was in heaven, a man with a perfect body using him like a toy, what could be better? Darren lowered Nick on to a pile of mats and went to work on his cock. Nick's nine inches were thick, and getting the entire cock in his mouth was really trying his experience. He'd sucked off his cousins and lolitas nasty girls photo some of the other band members but Nick's cock was larger than most. Darren was caressing Nick's body and especially his round bubble butt. The muscles in that butt would have put the most perfect statue to shame. His hands kneaded on each bun and pried them apart to reach little lolitas xxx bbs the goal; the small rosebud that puckered as he slipped his index finger in and twisted it as his tongue continued to twist around Nicks cock. Nick clenched his butt as Darren slid a second finger up his butt and began to cum with shots that sprayed all over Darren's mouth and dripped out, dribbling down his chin. Darren moved up and licked Nick nipples and slightly bit them causing Nick to moan and squirm under him. Neither of their cock deflated and they began to kiss each other eagerly, rubbing their sweaty bodies against each other."Fuck me" moaned Nick. "Are you sure" asked Darren "I'm big and your ass hole looks tight." "I'm usually a top but I want that cock in me or I know that I will regret it and have to tell people I could have had a 12 inch cock and I chickened out, No way I'm doing that.""There's some lotion over there that the masseuse uses when we cramp up, lather me up good inside and out and shove that monster into me before I chicken out." Darren stood up, his cock leading the way and grabbed a tube of lube off the shelf and started by lathering up his cock and then his fingers. As he reached Nick he reached under him and hauled his ass up and shoved in two fingers. Nick flinched but moaned for him to continue and Darren complied adding a third finger and ground them into Nick's ass. Nick squirmed and moaned for Darren to shove his cock in. Darren slowly moved the head of his cock to the slightly loosened hole and pushed forward. His head popped in and Nick let out an animalistic groan. "Did I hurt you; little lolitas xxx bbs I can pull out" "No don't, it feels so good I can't imagine what the rest will feel like, keep shoving all the way in."Darren leaned forward and applied pressure and felt his whole cock slide slowly up Nick's ass. As he bottomed out, instinct took over and he began to pump with long stokes in and lolita russian 12 nude out. Nick's face glowed with desire and he pulled on Darren's ass to pull him all the way back in moaning as each inch filled him. They kept rutting with each other for almost fifteen minutes until Darren shoved all the way in and blew his load. As he did, Nick blew as well, coating both of them with cum. Just as they both came moaning loudly the door opened...
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Friday, April 27th 2012

12:00 AM

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